I am a journalist, writer, podcaster, potter, and all-round medium-sized deal who lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

I've published two books in Swedish - Kroppspanik ("Body Panic"), about bodies, health, and society, and Håll käften, jag räknar ("Shut Up, I'm, Counting"), which is about knitting and craft. The latter is coming out in English in 2018/2019.

I've written for a number of Swedish and international newspapers and magazines, and frequently guest numerous television and radio shows. I also do lectures, presentations, workshops, and moderating of panels and conferences.

I have a Master's degree in Film Studies – with a focus on romantic comedies – and a post-grad journalism degree.

You can follow me on Twitter or Instagram, I'm @juliaskott in both places. Please don't follow me around in real life, but do say hi if you see me.

Sometimes I post videos on Youtube.